Hurricane Matthew Message:

Equity Payment stands ready to help all of our merchants affected by the Hurricane. Please contact:

If you can only text then use 843-301-5965 and we'll respond as soon as possible. During this emergency Equity Payment will do everything possible to help you get your business up and running.

Protecting the Money You Make

It’s not about rates anymore...It’s About Value!

The complexity that has entered the credit card processing world has made the rate discussion obsolete!   “What’s your rate”?, is no longer a valid way to determine who to trust with your processing dollars. 

Today, you need an Advocate, schooled in this new complexity and committed to delivering processing programs that help you reduce your overall cost, improve your processing efficiencies and give advice to drive sales and security.

Whether you’re a small business owner, a medical establishment, a major corporation or government agency; Equity Payment has the expertise to significantly improve your processing experience delivering real value vs. empty promises.

Equity Payment adheres to a “Code of Conduct”, a professional ethos that simply is at the core of our integrity.  Working on your behalf, we will help you:

  • Design a “Best Practices” method of accepting credit at the most advantageous cost levels.
  • Educate you and your staff on what triggers added cost to your processing.
  • Build/setup lower cost eCommerce shopping carts and Web processing solutions.
  • Assist you in meeting new compliance rules.
  • Assist with Chargeback challenges.  
  • Identify potential risks for fraud.
  • Gain a real understanding of your statement and what really drives costs.

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